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My new book


It’s been a while since my last update. Life, eh? Sort of takes over.

In a few weeks, my new book Nørth will be published. A year and a bit ago, I met with the lovely Melissa from Aurum Press and we discussed this idea about taking all the observations I’ve had from setting up ScandiKitchen and being a Scandinavian in the UK and putting them into a book.

At first, I was a bit sceptical. Who would want to read those, I thought. Then Melissa reminded me that so many thousands of people read our weekly newsletter and our blog on ScandiKitchen.

I started writing. And then I wrote some more. Soon, I realised that I had a whole load to say – and things started to take shape. I wrote about hygge, I wrote about lagom. I wrote about how to piss off a Scandinavian person. I wrote about queuing. I wrote about spaghetti with ketchup, Eurovision, Christmas and even a chapter on how to slice cheese (trust me, it’s important). Vikings, Norse gods, why Danes think that all Swedes are always drunk and why it is important always to bring an orange with you when you go on your Sunday hike in Norway…

People often lump Scandinavians together as one people, but we’re not. We’re a collection of people who live in an area three-and-a-half times the size of the UK, and there are only 19 million of us. We’re chalk and cheese, but at the same time, we’re brothers and sisters and we all like herring.

The book came to life in my head only when I saw the most amazing photography that started to come in from the super-talented Anna Jacobsen, a Swedish-Danish photographer. Suddenly, the book began to make so much sense – even if it is just my own opinion on how we Scandinavians are seen and wish to be seen. It is tongue-in-cheek and I urge you to read it as such while enjoying the beautiful illustrations and photography. I know that everybody’s going to have their own opinions on what I’ve written, so I welcome you to add to the book and the observations: write to me at and add to the picture. It is a painting, my observations and Anna’s visual expressions, in a book format. Your own brush strokes are most welcome.

The book is called Nørth (pronounced North, not ‘nurth’, although if you’re from some parts of the north of England, then you might actually pronounce it ‘nurth’), and it’s published on 7th September. Click on the link to get it, and have a little taster of the book too.

If you like Nørth and want it signed, it’ll also be on sale at my London café, ScandiKitchen.